3/4 silberne schweißende bronzierte Hartmetall-Spitzen
100 Stücke
3/4 Silver Welding Brazed Cemented Carbide Tips
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Herkunftsort: Sichuan, China
Markenname: KTS
Zertifizierung: ISO9001:2008
Modellnummer: Gewohnheit

3/4 Hartmetall-Spitzen


bronzierte Hartmetall-Spitzen


silberne schweißende Hartmetall-Grate

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Verpackung Informationen: KUNSTSTOFFKOFFER
Lieferzeit: 7-15 Tage
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, Western Union
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 250000-teilig/Stücke pro Monat
Technische Daten
NAME: Hartmetall-Grate
Schweißen: Silbernes Schweißen
Fest/bronziert: Bronziert
Transport: Meer/Luft/drücken aus
Größe: Standardgröße
Schaft: 1/4Inch
Schaftlänge: 45mm

KTS 3/4 Grinding Tips Cemented Carbide Tips Tungsten Carbide Burs


product description
Fast abrasive cylindrical double-cut carbide files are specially designed for grinding flat surfaces in metal and non-ferrous metal applications.


set up
Very suitable for light to moderate material removal.

This solid carbide burr is cut twice using the chisel cutting mode, which can produce smaller chips without producing long and sharp strips, which helps to finish machining the metal surface faster, eliminate the load and maximize To reduce vibration to a certain extent, so as to provide a smooth cutting experience.

Mode of operation
Gradually moving the burr on the surface will only help remove the required material and help prevent the burr from creating dents and unsightly marks.

In order to extend the life of the burr, only apply enough pressure to make the burr work. This eliminates unnecessary wear of burrs.

3/4 silberne schweißende bronzierte Hartmetall-Spitzen 0


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